COVID-19 Testing Solutions For Business Owners

BIOTECH Labs understand the difficult decisions you’ve faced during the COVID-19 epidemic.
If you’re preparing to open your restaurant, retail location, office, or manufacturing center,
and want the confidence that only comes with testing, we make it simple.


We work with you to schedule tests for your employees at your business or at another convenient location. We can arrange for tests to be conducted inside or as a drive-through in the parking lot.

Contact our scheduling team to arrange testing for your business.


We process your tests at our lab in Novi in 24 hours.

BIOTECH is Michigan’s largest independent medical lab certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and operates multiple FDA-approved platforms for COVID-19 and Antibody tests.

We have processed thousands of tests already and now have the capacity to process 2,500 to 4,000 per day.

Care Follow-Up

All employees will have access to view their test results online.

A physician or nurse will call all employees who test positive to provide care instructions.


Our team will deliver a report to you or your head of Human Resources detailing who has tested positive and who is safe to return to work.

According to current EEOC and ADA guidelines, employers have the right to know if employees are COVID-19 positive.


Contact Our Scheduling Team

Our team can help you schedule convenient, on-site testing for your employees or direct them to our nearest drive-through testing facility. We can also develop customized testing plans based on your employees’ various exposure risks.

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